Chinese Canadian National Council gratefully acknowledges the generous support we have received over the years.

We specifically acknowledge the contributions of the former and present members of the Chinese Canadian National Council – National Redress Committee, CCNC Chapters, National Executive, National Board, staff and volunteers, and Canadians For Redress and all of the organizations and individuals who assisted us in seeking redress including the following:

Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society
BC Coalition of Head Tax Payers, Spouses and Descendants
Chinese Canadian Redress Alliance
Edmonton Chinese HTEA Redress Committee
Halifax Chinese Redress Committee
Head Tax Families Society of Canada
Metro Toronto Chinese and South East Asian Legal Clinic
Newfoundland and Labrador Head Tax Redress Committee
Ontario Coalition of Chinese Head Tax Families
Saskatchewan Chinese Head Tax Redress Committee

CCNC National
(1980 to present represented by)

May Cheng
(Late) Kenneth Cheung
Lily Cheung
Gloria Fung
Amy Go
Colleen Hua
Stephen Lee
Alan Li
Lilian Ma
Cynthia Pay
Sidney Poon
Winxie Tse
Victor Wong
Joseph Wong
Albert Wu
Gary Yee

Chak Au
Eric Chan
Fanny Chan
Howe Chan
Mary Chan
Tung Chan
Foon Chang
Ray Chang
Bill Chu
Jennie Chu
Phil Chu
Eric Dang
Don Davies
Libby Davies
(Late) Quan Chang Shee Der
Ujjal Dosanjh
Sean Gunn
Judy Hanazawa
Ho Sheung Ho
Judy Johanson
Linda Jang
George Jung
Cynthia Lam
Andrew Lau
Hanson Lau
Chai Ying Woo Lee
Cynthia Lee
Daniel Lee
Donna Lee
Harvey Lee
Karin L. Lee
Kevin Lee
Leanne Lee
Lily Lee
Raymond Leung
Janey Lew
Lillian Lim
Thekla Lit
Amber Louie
Isaac Louie
Stephen Lytton
Mike Ma
Alex Mah
Ron Mah
Donna Malthus
(Late) Dak Leon Mark
Gordon Mark
Roy Miki
Charles Mow
Kat Norris
Irwin Oostindie
Lianne Payne
(Late) Charlie Quan
Fred Quan
Terry Quan
Grace Schenkeveld
Mary Woo Sims
Anne-Marie Sleeman
Chan Sui Chun Suen
Jordan Tan
Kalee Tan
Sid Chow Tan
Tommy Tao
Grace Thomson
Joseph Tong
Don Walchuk
Ellen Woodsworth
Anna Wong
David Wong
Gim Wong
John Wong
Meena Wong
Rita Wong
Sid Wong
Susan Wong
Todd Wong
Fanna Yee
Gary Yee
Bernadette Yen
(Late) Buddy Yen
Gabriel Yiu
Elwin Xie

Cary Chiu

Anthony B. Chan
John Chan
(Late) Peter Shung-Yan Chan
Thew Chan
Kenda Gee
Murphy Gee
Bill Kay
Edwin Kwong
Linda Kwong
Phil Kwan
Linda Lee-Guthrie
Linda Lo
William Lo
Fred Locke
(Late) Vince Mah
Edward Ng
Nancy Ng
Danny Park
Mai Tran
Peter Wong
Wei Wong
John Yee

Gary Gee
Daniel Lai
Victor Mah
Lloyd Wong
Teresa Woo-Paw
Janet Yee

Nelson Eng
Sam Gee
Norman Lee
Joe Wu
Steven Yang
Choon Yong

Arlene Chan
Dick Chan
Maria Chan
Jack Chong
Binh Chow
Olivia Chow
Apollo Chung
Mary Eberts
Susan Eng
Avvy Go
Tam Goossen
Dan Heap
Doug Hum
Bill Hung
Cheuk Kwan
George Lau
Jennifer Lau
Har Ying Lee
Christine Li
(Late) Shack Jang Mack
Man Kit Ng
Winnie Ng
Pamela Seto
Rebecca Tam
Keith Wong
Kristyn Wong-Tam
Becky Yam
Debbie Yam
Eric Yam
Simon Yam
(Late) Eugene Yao

Philip Liang

Allan Quan

Yuen-Ting Lai
Quan Ying Lee
Yew Lee
Willy Lee
Jonas Ma
Rupert Yeung
Robert Yip

Ting Ming Chen
May Chiu
Karen Cho
Alice Choy
William Dere
Lee Ming Fung Ting Kwan Hung
Yat Lo
Yvonne Lo
Howard Low
Danny Mah
Christian Samfat
Howard Tan
Walter Chi-Yan Tom
(Late) James Wing
Simon Wing

Stella Chu
Margaret Hum
Stanley Hum
Albert Lee
May Lui
Mary Mohammed

St. John’s
Robert Hong
Gordon Jin
(Late) William Ping
Betty Wong

Canadians For Redress

Margaret Atwood
Constance Backhouse
(Late) Pierre Berton
(Late) June Callwood, C.C., O.Ont.
Patrick Case
Irene Chu
Matthew Coon Come

Judith Davidson-Palmer
Libby Davies
Shirley Douglas
Susan Eng
Howard Hampton
Mac Harb
Harish Jain
William Johnson O.C.

Karen Kain
Naomi Klein
Joy Kogawa
Cynthia Lam, C.M.
Michelle Lansberg
Hanson Lau
(Late) Jack Layton
Stephen Lewis

Art Miki
David Miller
Patricia O’Connell
Ceta Ramkhalawansingh
Judy Rebick
Svend Robinson
Margaret Mitchell
Dr. Joseph Wong, C.M.

Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society
British Columbia Federation of Labour
Buddhist Council of Canada
Canadian Auto Workers Union
Canadian Council for Multicultural and Intercultural Education
Canadian Council for Refugees
Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR)
Council of Canadians
Hong Kong Link
Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
National Anti-Racism Council of Canada (NARCC)
National Association of Japanese Canadians
Ontario Coalition of Chinese Head Tax Payers and Families
Urban Alliance On Race Relations


National Project Coordinator – CCNC/Victor Wong
Researcher – CCNC/Elwin Xie
Project Assistants – CCNC/ Jennifer Lau
Vancouver Coordinator – ACCESS/Sid Tan
Montreal Coordinator – ABCD/Alice Choy
Evaluation – CCNC/Mary Chan
Video Library – ACCESS/Don Walchuk
Writer – Prairie and Northern Families – Gold Mountain Research/Gary Gee
Writer – Atlantic Experience – Saint Mary’s University/Albert Lee
Contributors – Book – Ontario Coalition of Head Tax Families/George Lau and Binh Chow
Editor – Arlene Chan

This project was made possible through funding from the Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP), part of the Citizenship and Multiculturalism Branch. The CHRP program funds community-based commemorative and educational projects that provide recognition of the experiences of ethno-cultural communities affected by historical wartime measures and/or immigration restrictions applied in Canada, and that promote these communities’ contributions to building Canada.

For the pdf file of Acknowledgements, please click here: Acknowledgements PDF


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