Youth Essays

Forty youth from head tax families across Canada responded to our call for submissions to the CCNC “Our Stories” Head Tax Education Project.

These talented young people submitted essays, poems and videos about their family’s experience with the Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act. Their family stories reveal the real-lived heart-aches that resulted from family separation and the misery and racism caused by the Head Tax. Their contributions will help to educate the general public, including the Chinese Canadian community, about the impact of the Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act.

Picture of youth participants at July 30, 2012 launch at Foo’s Ho Ho restaurant, Vancouver. Photo by Karin Lee.

British Columbia:
Christine Chan
Julia Chan
Nicole Chan
Aidan Crowe
Angela Jung
Jordan Lam and Brandon Lam
Naiya Lee Tsang
Sahali Lee Tsang
Jodie Leong
Isaac Louie
Jordana Lowe
Arielle Quan
Katelyn Seto
Melissa Tong
Zuva Turner-Tan
Caroline Wong
Colten Wong
Devon Wong
Shannon Wong
Jordan Yee, Lynnea Yee, Kayla Yee, and Mitchell Yee (2 essays by 4 youth)
Alicia Yip
Daniel Yip
Emily Yip
Leslie Yip
Sophia Yip and Vivian Yip(2 essays)

Aimee Gee
Benjamin Gee

Samantha Jade Gee Hamilton
Jonathan Lee
Simon Yam, Eric Yam and Debbie Yam

Kurtis Leung-Ho

Jessica (Chan) Douglas

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  1. […] CCNC (Chinese Canadian National Council) “Our Stories” Head Tax Education Project dinner at Foo’s Ho Ho in Vancouver Chinatown July 30, 2012 ahamedia Leave a comment Go to comments Sid Tan says : Here’s new content from the CCNC “Our Stories” Project:  Some of the writings may work around a BC Day theme. There’s a new essay on Yip Sang – written by Elwin Xie. There’s alot of existing content on Yip Sang but this is concise and written with the help of Yip Sang’s descendants. There’s a new video by Deborah Angrave and Sid Tan: Paper Sons and Daughters, which is about the Chinese who immigrated to Canada as children when Canada limited Chinese immigration: Canada brought in some new regulations 50 years ago to make it easier under the 1960 Chinese Statement Adjustment Program for the paper sons/daughters to regularize their status. We will showcase about 40 new youth essays including 2 excellent essays by Naiya Lee Tsang and Sahali Lee Tsang, and poetry by Isaac Louie (see: […]

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