Resources List


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Library Resources

Chinese Canadian Veterans Museum

Library and Archives Canada: Head Tax registry

Library and Archives Canada: Genealogy

Siyi Genealogy


Vancouver Public Library – Chinese Canadian Genealogy

The Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection

Films and Videos

Beyond The Gardens’ Wall: The Immigrant Workers of Tod Inlet

Beyond Golden Mountain
Gary Morgan, Hans Fousek, Wesley Lowe 1995

From C to C

Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit.

Cedar and Bamboo

Heroes Remember-Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
A Veteran’s Oral History Project

Island of Shadows-D’Arcy Island Leper Colony:1891-1924
The tragic story of British Columbia’s forgotten leper colony

In The Shadow Of Gold Mountain

Lost Years – A People’s Struggle for Justice

I Am The Canadian Delegate – A Biography of Douglas Jung

The Magical Life of Long Tak Sam

Made in China: the Story of Adopted Chinese Children in Canada.
Lee, Karin L. Moving Images Distribution, 2000.

Moving The Mountain

Redress Remix

The Road Chosen: The Story of Lem Wong
A Scattering of Seeds- The Creation of Canada

Shattered- Karin Lee

Spirit of the Dragon, Gil Gauvreau, Convergence Productions, 2002

Tailor Made

Under The Willow Tree: Pioneer Women in Canada

Unfolding the Butterfly (Secrets & Memories) Wayson Choy

Magazines and Online Culture

Asian Canadian Culture Online Project

Asian Network Magazine

Chinese Canadian 150 Years Project

Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project

New Voices Project

Ricepaper Magazine

Schema Magazine

Asian Heritage Month Festivals

Fredericton: Asian Heritage Month Committee

Montreal: Montreal Asian Heritage Month

Ottawa: Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Society

Toronto: Asian Heritage Month

Winnipeg: Asian Heritage Manitoba

Edmonton: Edmonton Asian Heritage Month

Calgary: imaginAsian

Vancouver: explorAsian

Community Advocates

Jean Lumb

Charlie Quan

Won Alexander Cumyow

Wong Foon Sien

Gim Wong

Yip Sang

Redress Documents

Margaret Mitchell’s letter to PM Trudeau September 1983

Prime Minister Harper offers full apology June 22, 2006

Liberal Government Agreement-in-Principle November 2005

Committee Report on Bill C-333 October 2005

1984 Progressive Conservative Party Redress Letter


City of Toronto
Proclamation by Mayor David Miller
Chinese Canadian Head Tax Redress Day
June 22, 2008

WHEREAS Chinese labour was used to build the Canadian Pacific Railway to fulfill the National Dream and unite the country from west to east, with Chinese workers earning 75 cents per day which was half of what other workers were paid.

In 1885, after the Last Spike was driven, the Canadian government imposed a $50.00 head tax in an effort to restrict Chinese immigration, a tax which by 1903, was raised to $500.00, a sum worth two years of wages at the time.

On July 1, 1923, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed to stop Chinese immigration. For the next 24 years, this racist and hurtful legislation separated families until it was finally repealed in May 1947, and Chinese Canadians regained the right to vote.

On June 22, 2006 the Canadian Government offered a Parliamentary apology for the injustice and racial discrimination and recognized the suffering of individual Chinese Canadians, their families and the entire Chinese Canadian community.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor David Miller, on behalf of Toronto City Council, do hereby proclaim June 22, 2008 as “Chinese Canadian Head Tax Redress Day”, to celebrate this historic achievement and recognize the tremendous contribution of the Chinese Canadian community to the City of Toronto.

Mayor David Miller

Government of Ontario
Statement by Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Michael Chan. June 2008
June 22, 2008
Ontario Marks Second Anniversary Of Chinese-Canadian Head Tax Redress
Statement by Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Michael Chan

Today is Chinese-Canadian Head Tax Redress Day – an annual observance established by a unanimous resolution of the Ontario legislature.

This year, we mark the second anniversary of the federal government’s apology, on behalf of all Canadians, for one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history – the head tax and the later exclusion of Chinese immigrants.

This is a day to acknowledge these historic wrongs and learn from the past. But it is also a day to celebrate the present and look to the future.

Despite adversity, and despite discriminatory immigration policies, Chinese Canadians persevered. They built a strong community and they helped build the prosperous and inclusive country we know today.

Now we live in a different time and we recognize that diversity is our greatest strength.

On this June 22, let us pause to reflect on the work still to be done to welcome today’s generation of immigrants and help them succeed.

Let us resolve to keep Ontario a place of opportunity for newcomers from around the world.

Other Resources

CBC: Chinese Immigration

Arlene Chan Bibliography:

Chinese Canadian Historical Photo Exhibition

Chinese Canadian Historical Society of B.C.

Chinese Canadian History in Alberta

Chinese Canadian Women 1923-1967 Multicultural History Society of Ontario

Chinese Head Tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act in Canada

Chinese Laundry Kids- CBC – IDEAS

Comme Les Chinois


Generasian: Passages of Changes:

Government of Canada – Asian Heritage Month



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